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Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited is at the forefront of the shipping and logistics industry, its success is due in no uncertain terms to the teamwork, respect and professionalism that is integral to our business.  The prosperity of any business is reflected in the mindset of the people who work the business; as such Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited is committed to the development of its staff, inviting challenges that would benefit both the personal growth of staff and by extension the strengthening of its business performance and profitability.

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Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited is a committed international freight and courier service provider whose priority is the successful integration of customer service and efficient business practices.  We have forged partnerships with major international companies around the world, strategically located to support the vast network of import and export movement throughout the region.  Our main offices are situated in major trading hubs that offer us the advantage of local business knowledge and experience.

We have aimed to be a complete logistics operation, offering Courier, Freight (Air and Ocean) Hazmat, Insurance and Product Procurement Services through its affiliate TrinArk Limited.

In 2001 a US Post Office Box company was started by five people with a vision. The business was conducted from a sole computer in a tiny office using one delivery vehicle (a Hyundai Accent), burning countless candles at both ends.  Within six months the Post Office Box company had to alter its vision to meet the demands of a changing world environment, retaining two of the original shareholders and welcoming on board two new stakeholders who embraced the vision that was to become Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited.
Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited has grown significantly since 2001, by expanding its international client base, by the introduction of human resource elements at its established headquarters in San Juan, Trinidad, the operation of a satellite office in Tobago, Barbados and in Miami, Florida and the complete expansion and diversification of the products and services offered. We now number among one of the leading shipping and logistics companies in the Caribbean.  To date our client base has doubled as we have been able to stretch from Miami, Florida to Ningbo, China.
Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited is also very proud to have spawned the growth of TrinArk Limited, a procurement and consulting firm.

Jet Express Trinidad and Tobago Limited is your one stop shop for service. We are reliable, dependable and deliver Anything. Anywhere. Anytime

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